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Performance & Technologies
Performances MICHELIN One
    Performances MICHELIN One
      Performances MICHELIN One
        Usage & Attributes
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        Advice Safety

        Motorbike handling problems

        Michelin - Les troubles du comportement de la moto

        The main motorbike handling problems are:

        • Wander
        • Wobble
        • Shimmy
        • Vibration


        Wander is an undulatory movement of variable amplitude, occurring in a straight line or on a bend at an average speed of about 88 mph.


        Wobble is a sudden lateral movement of the front end (forks flick left and right), momentary and very rapid, occurring especially when accelerating and triggered by an external stimulus (bump, expansion joints).


        Shimmy is a sustained lateral oscillation of the forks at low speed (< 62 mph) in the deceleration phase.


        The symptoms due to a lack of balancing result in a phenomenon of vibration in a speed range varying from about 55 to 80 mph on the front fork assembly.

        Balancing is essential on a front wheel and recommended on a rear wheel if there is a lot of imbalance.

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