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Within the vast world of motorcycle manufacturers,
Munich-based Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) holds a position all its own.
It is committed as much to the unique history of the firm as to the quality of the models it produces today.

BMW Motorrad is an authority of the renowned “German quality” in the motorcycle world: with 123,000 models sold in 2014, the Bavarian brand is a true heavyweight in the motorcycle industry, dominating the trail and street motorcycle sectors like no other company.

BMW’s history began in 1916, with the merger of two Bavarian machinery companies. BMW originally built aircraft engines, which is why its famous logo depicts a propeller in motion. The logo’s white and blue are the colors of Bavaria. When the production of aircraft engines was banned by the Treaty of Versailles, BMW embarked on the production of motorcycle engines.

In 1923, BMW launched its first motorcycle line: the R32. Equipped with a 500cc flat-twin engine, it would be met with relative success.


Common values

The Michelin – BMW Motorrad partnership first emerged in an extreme sector: that of competition. In FIM Endurance or Superbike, the manufacturers paired up to try to shine at the highest level. It was a technical partnership that immediately showed that the two companies were on the same page: both Michelin and BMW have innovative and performance-centered values in their very genes.