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The Harley Davidson

The image of a Sportster

Harley Davidson Forty Eight


One of the most popular Harleys in France

Harley-Davidson’s emblematic Sportster model, the Forty-Eight is one of the Milwaukee manufacturer’s best-selling models in France. It’s easy to understand why: the Forty-Eight features the ultimate in maneuverability.

With its narrow frame and remarkable agility, this little motorcycle easily weaves in and out of traffic and makes light of obstacles. The street is its playground. Besides its undeniable Sportster qualities, the Forty-Eight capitalizes on its stripped-down retro look, which has recently been redesigned with the “Dark Custom” line.


An incomparable retro look

The iconic embossed Bar & Shield logo engraved on the gas tank is the Forty-Eight’s trademark, the final touch on a motorcycle with a distinctly Harley-Davidson look. The machine’s vintage style is reinforced by the rear-view mirrors placed under its handlebars.

Adjustable suspension and a leather seat guarantee the utmost in comfort the entire ride. Everything non-essential has been removed. Weighing in at 550 pounds and featuring a pared-down design, there’s no doubt as to what inspired the Forty-Eight: it's the worthy heir to bobbers from the 1950s.


A legendary engine

Despite its small size relative to other Harley-Davidson models, the Forty-Eight boasts an engine that rivals that of any of its elders. It’s equipped with Harley-Davidson’s legendary V-twin engine and 1200cc, which roar every time you accelerate.

The typical sound of this engine is unquestionably one of the Forty-Eight’s keys to success: a machine that lets you live the Harley-Davidson dream at a discount price. Riders are able to bask in the Forty-Eight’s distinctive "potato-potato" sound during their entire journey, for enjoyment that never gets old.


The return of the MICHELIN bias-ply

To ensure optimal street performance and handling of the mischievous Forty-Eight, Michelin engineers have developed the MICHELIN Scorcher 31. This tire is made up of a bias-ply structure that provides the tire’s carcass with the flexibility required to maneuver the Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight.

New rubber compounds developed by Michelin allow pneumatic tires greater longevity so they can rack up the miles in total safety. Its deeply notched tread provides for superb water evacuation and excellent grip on wet surfaces. Its design hasn't been overlooked either, and the tire’s tread puts the finishing touches on the motorcycle’s altogether vintage look.

Check out the MICHELIN Scorcher 31 tire