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The Harley-Davidson
Street Glide

One truly comfortable Touring bike

Harley Davidson Street Glide


A street bike with tons of characters and a hit amongst amateurs

This model is the worldwide best-selling motorcycle of all the Harley-Davidson lines. Why is it so popular? It’s a powerful and comfortable model packed with the full Harley-Davidson spirit, combining a pared-down and rebellious look inspired by bobbers with the practical side of baggers.

Even with its extremely distinct low line, the Street Glide is above all a street bike, a Touring model featuring unmatched comfort for racking up the miles in total serenity.


A premium and powerful Touring motorcycle

Despite its 815 pounds and 6.5-foot length, the Street Glide is remarkable easy to handle thanks to its low center of gravity. As functional in town as on the highway, the Street Glide is definitely not lacking in character, and the characteristic purring of its awesome Twin Cam 96 engine and 1690cc accompanies riders throughout their entire journeys.

The powerful twin engine lets it get up to speed without the biker feeling any discomfort at all. In front, its famous “Batwing” provides perfect protection from the wind, and ensures an optimal ride no matter the speed or conditions.


A machine that's both user-friendly and kind

A genuine bagger, the Street Glide’s low saddlebags and lack of passenger backrest provide this machine with its unique style, close to the road and bursting with character. The waterproof compartments protect passenger belongings from bad weather.

The rear riding position is comfortable, and keeps the biker from getting tired. The big round headlight in front, equipped with dual bulbs which are ideal in the dark, provides the Street Glide with a genuinely likeable feel. Its electronic equipment, including a radio, GPS, and built-in MP3 player, makes any trip entertaining.

Pleasant ride, purring engine, optimal performance: it’s the Harley catalog’s easygoing strength.


The MICHELIN Scorcher 31: approved for
your Street Glide

In order to best adapt to the features of the Street Glide, Michelin chose a diagonally-structured bias-ply tire, the MICHELIN Scorcher 31. The flexibility of the tire’s carcass enables it to easily support the weight of the Street Glide in addition to its cargo, baggage, and passengers.

New rubber compounds developed by Michelin allow pneumatic tires greater longevity so they can rack up the miles in total safety. Its deeply notched tread provides for outstanding water evacuation and excellent grip on wet surfaces.

Check out the MICHELIN Scorcher 31 tire