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Tips to enjoy the ride

Discover all our tips to enjoy your ride

  • Choosing the right equipment

    During a trip, you may move from one climate to another. It is therefore important not to choose clothes only for hot or cold temperatures, but comfortable and secure gear with several layers of appropriate clothing you can remove or add according to the weather.

  • Choosing the useful eliminating the useless

    Too much weight is the number one enemy. The heavier your load, the harder it will be to handle your bike, not to mention the less comfortable it will be.

  • Loading your bike

    Whatever you decide to take with you, it is important you respect the motorcycle’s fundamental qualities: balance and distribution of mass.

  • Preparing and adjusting the bike

    By fine-tuning your motorcycle, you can enjoy greater peace of mind while riding, avoid muscle pain, and enhance your comfort so you tire less easily.

  • Riding with a passenger

    With a partner, the adventure is even more incredible. It’s also entirely possible for your passenger to assume an endurance motorcycle position, standing like the rider.

  • Riding in a group

    Riding in a group is one of the greatest joys of owning a motorcycle. It requires adequate knowledge of the basic rules that ensure the safety of each of the members of the group. Riding in staggered rows is one of the way for the group to ride in safety.

  • Making a U-turn on a narrow track

    This situation is dangerous. The goal is not to fall into the ravine. If stressed,

  • Crossing a ford

    For adventurous riders, being confronted with a river crossing is an extremely tempting prospect. The goal is to enjoy oneself without damaging the motorcycle or falling.