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Innovative comfort and driving balance for all

MICHELIN Two Compound Technology+ (2CT+)

MICHELIN Two Compound Technology+ (2CT+)

Harder rubber underneath the softer rubber on the shoulders gives better rigidity at lean, for more stability when cornering, especially under strong acceleration.

Example of the distribution of soft rubber and hard rubber on a MICHELIN Pilot Power 3 tread.


MICHELIN Dual Angle Technology (2AT)

A revolutionary new architecture for motorcycle tires, which provides the necessary strength & stability for heavier bikes with luggage and a pillion AND comfort for long journeys. 2AT exceptionally combines elements of both radial and bias construction, providing the best compromise: Bias for its ability to withstand extra weight and Radial for the pleasure of riding.

MICHELIN Pilot Road 4


MICHELIN Adaptive Casing Technology (ACT)

MICHELIN Adaptive Casing Technology (ACT)

Adaptive Casing Technology ensures varying tire rigidity at different angles of lean. The tire switches gradually from a fl exible crown for straight-line precision to increasingly rigid shoulders depending on lean angle for optimised cornering stability.


MICHELIN Amplified Density Technology (ADT)

MICHELIN Amplified Density Technology (ADT)

A highly dense, more rigid tire casing, which helps deliver excellent feedback and handling. Aramid tread plies on the rear tire resist centrifugal growth, reduce weight and provide excellent stability.


MICHELIN Maximized Contact Patch (MCP)

MICHELIN Maximized Contact Patch (MCP)

MICHELIN MCP was designed for competition. It offers an exclusive new shell that meets the demands of both cross and trial biking. On the most difficult terrain, stability is the key element in winning a race. By increasing the number of sipes, MCP technology gives the tire maximum rigidity, and significantly increases surface contact.

In the Cross version, it ensures a better grip on hills in the worst conditions. In the Trial version, the tire casing takes on all obstacles. Speed is improved because the front of the bike is more stable. This technology gives a super responsiveness on cornering and really sharp braking. Plus, an anti-tear compound increases the lifespan by as much as 25%.

Maximized Contact Patch is available with MICHELIN Trial Light / X-light Competition tires, in a radial version for trial biking.