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Many dream of going on a motorcycle trip. And with a partner, it’s even better for sharing unforgettable memories.
You can make your dreams come true by changing “yes but", a list of which seems insurmountable,” into “but yes!”..


Are you a fan of wide open spaces and long rides? Whether you're a die-hard motorcyclist or just a weekend hobbyist, take advantage of our expert advice and experience when you organize your motorcycle road trip!

Discover our roadtrip routes
Tips to enjoy the ride

Tips to enjoy the ride

Preparation is key when it comes to a big trip. Discover our tips to prepare your ride.

Discover our tips to enjoy the ride

Buying tires is simple

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    Remember: tires matter

    In everyday conditions, most tires perform well. It's in difficult situations that great tires make all the difference. For ultimate peace of mind on the road, choose tires that can handle anything

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    Michelin covers all your needs

    MICHELIN® Total Performance™ makes sure
    all your needs are covered.

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    We know about good value

    Because our tires last long and are fuel efficient, you get more for your money and you save in the long run.