Racing Tires

The adrenaline rush of the race, powerful bikes and precision lines are at the heart of motorcycle racing. Our track tire ranges provide you with more performance and optimum safety.

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The multi-purpose tire providing exceptional stability and a quick warmup time for maximum riding enjoyment.

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100% circuit tire, specially designed for maximum grip on wet surfaces.

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The No. 1 international supermoto line developed with the fastest riders of the category for exceptional performance: the utmost in maneuverability, responsiveness, and grip!

Legal information

The sizes and/or speed ratings listed may vary slightly from the specified OE size shown on the vehicle placard. Your local Tire Dealer, as a trained professional, will provide the required assistance to fit the listed tire by:


  1. Advising you if the replacement tires have a different speed rating to the OE tires, and if the vehicle’s maximum speed capability is limited to the lower speed rated tires.
  2. Figuring out if any inflation pressure adjustments are necessary with the alternate listed size.



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