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The United States is full of opportunities to put your vehicle to the test and enjoy the ride. At Michelin, we know great motorcycles need great tires, which is why our authorized dealers are stocked full of the latest products. Whether you want to cruise through city streets, ride your motorcycle off-road, or take your V-Twin out for a cruise, there’s something for everyone at our authorized tire dealers.

If you’re unsure which tire is best for your motorcycle, one of our friendly dealers will be happy to walk you through the different tires and how each would affect your ride. Before buying, here are a few factors to consider, which will make the selection process easier.

Consider How You Ride

One factor to consider is how you operate your motorcycle. Whether you are commuting on your Sport Touring bike or taking the twisty route on your Sport Bike, and anything in between, you should choose the best tire that suits the way you ride. The same goes for your Off-Road riding, which can occur over a wide range of conditions and on various terrains.

Consider Weather Conditions

Another factor to consider when buying motorcycle tires is the type of weather your motorcycle will experience. In most regions of the United States there is always a chance that the weather will be rainy and cold at times, resulting in potentially slick roads. Because of this Michelin produces tires that with MICHELIN Total Performance™, a commitment to deliver a high level of performances without sacrificing on any one aspect. This includes wet grip. Ride more confidently in the rain with Michelin's silica charged compounds and innovative technologies within select products that perform exceptionally well in wet conditions.

Choose a Tire Based on Terrain

Another factor affecting your choice is the terrain you’re riding on. Michelin offers a wide range of tires for all segments of Off-Road motorcycling from on- and off-road dual sport motorcycling to full off-road competition and trail riding. Whether the terrain is sandy, soft and loamy, muddy and loose dirt, or compacted gravel and rocky terrain Michelin has an off-road tire for you.


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