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We have compiled tire information for the following vehicle manufacturers. MICHELIN car and motorbike tires leave absolutely no margin for error. Through intricate design and rigorous testing, we ensure we create the best product possible. In order to find the best tires for you, it’s best to begin by browsing tires that Michelin have created specifically for your car or motorbike model.

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There are many car and motorbike manufacturers meaning it can be difficult to decide what tires are best for your needs. Here at Michelin, we’ve created the Tire Selector in order to help you make the best decision based on our expertise. With the Michelin car or motorbike Tire Selector, it’s simple to find the right tires for you. Just enter your manufacturer specifications or choose your manufacturer below to see the fitments Michelin offer. The Tire Selector allows you to filter the tires by vehicle model or by wheel size.


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